Taking Stock::02

Taking Stock::02

I love the thought of Taking Stock. Stepping back and reflecting on my life right here and now seems to always feel good even when "I" don't always feel so good. So let's do this...

Taking Stock::02

Making: Room for winter clothes.

Cooking: A Roast tonight.

Drinking: Starbucks Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte. The bigger the better!

Reading: About working Mom guilt and oh it’s REAL alright!

Wanting: A yard for Jackson to play in and to plant a veggie garden.

Looking: Forward to the next 5 days off with my lil man.

Playing: Killer Queen by Queen. One of my favorites.

Wasting: Time looking at Living Room furniture.

Sewing: Yeah I never removed this…

Wishing: For a sliver of peace in my mind. 

Enjoying: Really good conversations.

Waiting: For packages.

Planning: A John Deere themed 2nd birthday party. 

Thinking: Coco Chanel was right "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life."

Loving: My new business card holder from Surcee Monogram Shop. The small things in life get me excited.

Wondering: Where my life will be this time next year.

Loving: The sound of Elvis singing every morning thanks to my son. 

Hoping: STILL that I'm doing everything right.

Marveling: At how things can fall into place if you believe it.

Needing: A really long vacation in Louisiana {or anywhere outside of Texas}

Smelling: Cinnamon

Wearing: My favorite beany because it’s cold out there this morning.

Following: A List. Still.

Noticing: Jackson's vocabulary getting bigger every day.

Knowing: That I only have one more month with a one-year-old.

Thinking: I need some girl time with my ladies!

Feeling: Anxious

Bookmarking: Soup recipes. I LOVE soup this time of year.

Opening: Packages

Giggling: More these days and it feels good.

Feeling: Gooooooood.

What Kind of Woman am I?

What Kind of Woman am I?

Happy Birthday Pop!