Taking Stock::03

Taking Stock::03

I like doing these every couple of months. Kind of like a mental check. Where am I right now and I have grown any? Has anything changed? Oh boy it sure has! I'm 30 now and feeling great and on a mission to look even better than I feel. Jackson is 2 now and it seems like every day a new and LARGER word comes out of his mouth or he's talking in complete sentences and I am STILL in awe of that little man. So here we go...

Taking Stock::03

Making: A list of movies to watch for a movie marathon! 

Cooking: LOTS of Low Carb recipes

Drinking: Water with lemon.

Reading: Anything I can get my hands on these days. It seems all I want to do is read and learn MORE and MORE. 

Listening: To Frank Sinatra. Some days he's all I want to listen to. 

Looking: For that balance between being a single mother and having an actual life. 

Playing: With the idea of changing my hair color....I'm getting bored.

Wasting: Time looking for new recipes and exercises. 

Wishing: For more time with him. 

Enjoying: The sense of peace I have today.

Waiting: Patiently...

Planning: My next move...always

Thinking: I need to eat...my stomach is yelling at me. 

Loving: Where my life is right now but forever on the mission for MORE. 

Wondering: If I will ever be satisfied. 

Loving: When Jackson hugs my neck tight tight. 

Hoping: STILL that I'm doing everything right.

Marveling: At the people that lie on a regular basis. Do you NOT have a conscience?

Needing: to NOT THINK sooo much 

Smelling: Coffee

Wearing: This waist trainer....we'll save that for another post. 

Following: A List. Still.

Noticing: My strength through ALL of the tough days and 

Knowing: That I will get through these tough days with grace. 

Thinking: I'm hungry.

Feeling: Anxious

Bookmarking: Nothing lately...

Opening: Emails

Giggling: At all of the new sayings Jackson has. For example "I CAN'T Believe it!" Where does he get this stuff?!

Feeling: Gooooooood.

Because Him.

Because Him.