Taking Stock::01

Making : A Photo Book of Jackson's First year on Shutterfly! I'm obsessed with these books!

Cooking : creamy garlicy {low carb} pasta. yummmmoooooo

Drinking : Water. The More the merrier!

Reading: Straight Up and Dirty. For the third time.

Wanting: To get my mom a FANTASTIC Mothers Day gift.

Looking: at different hair style ideas.

Playing: some Cajun music. I'm home sick.

Wasting: time dancing in the kitchen with Jackson is my favorite right now!

Sewing: I should probably remove this one because....

Wishing: For Mother's Day in Louisiana.

Enjoying: my new jobby job. Really. It's been amazing so far!

Waiting: for this "phase" of Jackson NOT EATING ANYTHING he used to love to be over already!

Liking: where my life is right now..

Wondering: why my child loves walking around naked as a jay bird!

Loving: that lately all Jackson wants is to read books. Such a smart lil man. 

Hoping: that I'm doing everything right. It's so hard not compare isn't it?

Marveling: at how quickly my lil boy is getting but also wanting to keep him small forever. 

Needing: to partake in some Mighty Bird again. That place yall....amaze.

Smelling: this God awful plugin....gag

Wearing: my favorite "J" necklace...ALL of the time. 

Following: A List. Always

Noticing: Jackson's conversations with himself. BEST.THING.EVER.

Knowing: Everything always turns out...eventually

Thinking: that I'm DYING to get back to my yoga routine.

Feeling: Like a GREAT Momma more and more every day.

Bookmarking: Beauty finds, summer salad recipes, fashion anything and fun, cheap things to do with a toddler.

Opening: emails. borrrrring.

Giggling: at Jackson...I've never known anyone so small to be so hilarious!

Feeling: Amazing! It's Friday! 

I enjoyed reading this so much that I decided to give it a try and maybe make it a regular post up here.

The Best of Times.

It's OK.