Lists // Mama Moments.

Lists // Mama Moments.

These are the moments I NEVER want to forget:

Reading "Brown Bear Brown Bear" to him for the millionth time, and him never getting sick of it.

The milestones...

His voice when he says "Mama" or "Maaa" or "Mommyyyyy" I swear I have a little Stewie sometimes! 

Hearing new words out of his mouth nearly every other day. 

The fact that he's actually talking and expressing himself {sorta}.

His smile and bright eyes in the morning.

His face when I pick him up from daycare.

His laugh because apparently, I'm EXTREMELY funny these days.

Singing "You are my sunshine" to him and how he looks at me with those big beautiful blue eyes.

His love for taking a bath {something I hope he always loves}.

His hand on my cheek every night while I rock him to sleep. 

The way he dances when he hears ANY kind of music!

His HILARIOUS faces!

His walk...

The way a Ball can turn a tantrum into a smile.

His inquisitive mind.

His smile...

The joy of being Jackson's Mama.

So I rant.

So I rant.

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