I have been extremely blessed in this life of mine. One of my greatest blessings has been my cousin Holly. Although we are family, this girl has been like a best friend to me over the years and there is no way I want to think about life without her. We just seem to get each other and I love that we have the same sense of humor and can laugh and talk for hours about anything and everything. I love that for the past 4 going on 5 years we have been a team of working photographer{her} and makeup artist{me}. We have had some great times and have made a lot of memories. Weddings, babies, late nights and crazy cats; all of these incredible memories I have thanks to Holly. 

I must say, I also have some pretty incredible photos too! The last time we took pictures together, Jackson was only the biggest bump in my belly so I asked if Holly wouldn't mind snapping a few pics of my little man and me. It was crazy hot and humid yesterday {thank you hair Gods!} and Jackson hadn't napped so the fact that Holly got this many great shots is amazing! 

I've thought a LOT lately about life and what it's given me. These little blessings lately REALLY are the best:

  • That moment at Sonic yesterday when the car hop had to stop and tell me how pretty I am. I never thought a total stranger giving me a compliment would feel so good. Or catch me off guard like that either!
  • A weekday donut fix when we have nothing else in our fridge because the weekends are for much more important things not involving grocery shopping.
  • A genuine, real, delicious baby laugh that can't contain itself when I tickle his tummy.
  • Realizing that Motherโ€™s instinct really does exist and Iโ€™m a lot braver than I had ever given myself credit for.
  • Laughter bubbles out of Jackson like he's been saving up those laughs his whole life for one grand month of giggles. There could NOT POSSIBLY be anything better than this.
  • I am so crazy about this boy of mine.

These amazing photos were taken by the fabulous Holly B. Check out her amazing work here. And follow her blog here.

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Beauty Review // Dulce Lash Boutique & Spa

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