Lists // An Ode to Summer

Every year as Summer comes to an end, I thought I'd make a little list about what Summer is to us...

Summer is blonde hair and new sunglasses.

Summer is bare, dirty-bottomed feet.

Summer is your first taste of Blue Bell Ice Cream in a waffle cone.

Summer is a white tank top on tan skin.

Summer is listening to Cajun music as the sun goes down.

Summer is those deep blue eyes bright with excitement at his first beach trip.

Summer is tan lines and salty air.

Summer is your favorite song playing over and over.

Summer is my extremely picky child eating shrimp!

Summer is early mornings and late nights.

Summer is sunny adventures and sweet indulgences.

Summer is your very first trip to Big Top Candy Shop.

Summer is watering the grass bare bottomed for your Papa. 

Summer is watermelon and sweet corn.

Summer is exploring historic missions.

Summer is spontaneous road trips.

Summer is the windows rolled down, hair flying with the wind.

Summer is lightning bugs and love stories.

Summer is bubbles in the mornings.

Summer is Freedom and Fireworks.

Summer is playing half naked on a splash pad.

Summer is rainy mornings on your MawMaws back porch.

Summer is playing in the grass with your cousins.

Summer is rosy cheeks and dirty knees.

Summer you will be missed. 


Lists // Mama Moments.

Lists // Mama Moments.

For the love of music.

For the love of music.