Amber Annette Kokas

Being a Mom means I am an alarm clock, a nurse, a cook, a counselor, a teacher, a maid, a driver, an entertainer, a hiccup removing magician, a handy {wo}man, a security officer, a photographer and yadda yadda yadda. Not to mention I do it all with a smile{most of the time} on my face and the occasional perfect curl in my hair. My writing/blog pulls all of those elements of being a single mom together with a CajunSweetie (spicy and sweet) attitude, all while making myself, my son, and my home look good while I do it.

My life is focused on embracing each new day as Jackson's Mama, practicing self-love and the other good stuff in between. I can only ever be truly me, which you’ll find a lot of self reflections in my “Diary”.

I hope my blog speaks to you, inspires you to listen to what is calling you. Thanks for stopping by, chiming in, and connecting. What I love best about this blog is that the people in our lives who are most important to us now, aside from family, began as just strangers. So many people who’ve become like family to me now connected with me through little white email screens and IM windows, across cities, and states, tweets, and Facebook statuses. Please feel free to reach out and make a new friend here.